At the heart of Dorp is our Salon: a double-volume space filled with book cases and tables piled high with books and plants; big comfortable sofas on sisal carpets and fabulous old Persian rugs; armchairs clustered around two fireplaces.

Large, arched windows frame Table Mountain and the city – at night a valley of twinkling embers below, illuminated by candles and soft pools of light.

Both airy and cosy, romantic and homely, the Salon is our lounge, library, dining room and café, where you can curl up with a book, meet for coffee or just gaze at the view.

House Rules

It’s written on the Salon walls: D for Decency, O for Originality,
R for Respect and P for Psycho… because we all need a little crazy to leaven the day!

No children under 14.
No unkindness.
Quiet celebrations most welcome but no loud music or parties.
No smoking inside anywhere. We have lots of lovely tables in our garden, patios and balconies.
No intrusive photography in public spaces.
Please try to avoid using your phone in the Salon, and no speakerphone in public spaces.